The multipurpose container

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Bruchetto – The Multipurpose Container

Bruchetto is the new and innovative extensible container for separate waste in homes, offices, classrooms, in the room for coffee break and in any other place where it is necessary to put in order and differentiate small waste.

Versatile, funny and entertaining,  it’s lined with TNT fabric in blue, yellow, red and green.

Bruchetto is made using aluminum tubes that allow the container to assume many forms and heights, extending or shortening it just like a big caterpillar.

Given by its versatility, Bruchetto can be used not only as a container for the waste, but also such as laundry basket in the bathroom or as toys container in children’s bedrooms.

The container is entirely made in aluminum, while the foot and the top ring are made of powder-coated metal.

Dimensions: Height cm. 40 – Maximum extension cm. 80


Bruchetto – The multipurpose container

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