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Container for waste collection

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The separate collection plays a primary role in the system of integrated waste management, since it allows, on the one hand, to reduce the flow to be disposed and, secondly, to influence in a positive manner the entire management system.

To ensure that waste is properly disposed of and recycled, it must be divided according to the different types of materials.

Ovetto Bin, designed by a renowned Italian designer, is totally made in Italy and is a tool dedicated to the creation of minute re cycling in settings like homes and offices, meeting and conference rooms and is also particularly suitable for placement and use in primary schools, to begin to educate children learning about recycling and respect for the environment.

Ovetto Bin is subdivided into three compartments, and each compartment has a door for the extraction of the bag and a small porthole for the insertion of the waste.

The three inner containers, are provided with holes for reasons of ventilation and the porthole for waste insertion.

The upper part is equipped with a manual compactor for crushing of plastic bottles and aluminum cans, to be able to reduce the bulk waves being able to convey a greater number.

Ovetto Bin was greeted with success by the Environment of Tuscany Region, the Province of Florence and by Legambiente, it has been exposed to Monte Carlo, the London Design Festival 2008 and selected to participate at ICFF of New York, and it was also present in large amounts in delegations during the course of the G8 summit in L’Aquila.


Ovetto Bin can  be also customized  with the company logo for any marketing promotions.


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