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Flowers and seedlings in wooden cube

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 Flowers and seedlings in wooden cube

ECO CUBE more than 40 types of flowers and plants to choose from

 For your customized ECO CUBE, choose the plant or flower you love the most. How about wild rose, violet or sunflower? And why not an aromatic plant such as mint, oregano, rosemary or choose a precious plant such as aloe vera?

ECO CUBE is a customizable decorative eco cube in fine alder wood that contains a flower or plant to grow. A mini set for ecological cultivation “Do it yourself” that represents the perfect synthesis of nature, style and functionality. Ideal as a gift to customers, as a gift to company employees or to ensure a bit of greenery and lots of fun in your spaces.

Unique creativity

In ECO CUBE the seeds quickly turn into flowers, herbs or plants such as strawberry, chili and even hops. Small and compact with a side of 7.5 cm. allows you to bring a portion of nature everywhere.


Customize your favorite plant and flower with tons of varieties available. The customization of ECO CUBE is done with laser engraving.


Each eco cube is made of fine alder wood, filled with a special nourishing granulate, plant seeds and sealed with an antibacterial adhesive.


Remove the closing sticker, add a little water, place the eco cube in a bright place and after a few days the first green plants will sprout.


When the seedlings grow and need more space, they can be conveniently placed in a pot or directly into the ground.


ECO CUBE is made with 100% compostable materials which, in contact with water and earth, slowly decompose and release precious nutrients for the plant into the soil.

ECO CUBE customizable, natural and sustainable, is the perfect gift object. Donate it to your customers and / or employees and, if you want, use it for yourself to bring some greenery to your shop or company.

ECO CUBE is an original decorative element and gives a feeling of well-being and positivity. Perfect to be placed in any environment, even urban.

Giving a personalized ECO CUBE means making everyone remember your brand and your company for a long time.

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