Container for picking dog feaces

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made in italy1



The stem of the ECO DOG container is made in high density polyethylene with the technique of ROTATIONAL.

This material so printed, provides high resi stance for impacts, to the deterioration and fading.

The container has a rectangular base with truncated cone with height of cm. 75, the measures in the upper part are cm. 30 x 45.

The lid of the container is constructed of thermoformed ABS, colored with the best two-component paints and is locked to the container by means of a safety lock with triangular pin.

The container is provided with an anti-intrusion accessory constructed in white ABS methacrylate which, raised, allows an opening of cm. 18.5 x 15 for the introduction of the waste.

The emptying takes by pulling out the bag hooked to the inside, or by an inner removable inside container  which can be provided as a separated accessory.

A door bags dispenser for about 350 units of the size of cm. 22.5 x 44.5 x 6 is placed above the container, and the whole is supported by a metal structure having a base of 30 cm x 30 mm thick. 5 iron galvanized blocking an oval aluminum cm. 10.4 x 4.2 h. 162.

The structure has four holes diameter mm.11 located on the base, to be fixed to the floor, or on the basis of asphalt concrete supplied as accessories.

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