The Customizable Portable Ashtray

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 Mozzichino – The Customizable Portable Ashtray

Mozzichino is the only portable ashtray with an inside extinguishing system for butts and clip for attaching to belt or swimsuit.

By using Mozzichino, you protect the environment free spaces and open such streets, squares, parks, gardens, swimming pools, and in particular with the advent of summer, with the resorts and marine coasts, where often the smokers misses a container in order to place the cigarette butt.

Mozzichino is produced entirely in Italy by our company and it is made of non-toxic material suitable for food packaging, Mozzichino can be clipped to your belt and to the swimsuit.

Small and elegant, Mozzichino can be customized with any logo or sentence inviting to the environment protection, and represent an excellent advertising and educational especially for all companies belonging to the sector of public administration.

Using Mozzichino is environmentally friendly (the cycle of nature takes over two years to dispose of a cigarette butt thrown on the ground or in water), will prevent forest fires, it helps to keep nice and clean the places where you live, and you can have beaches polluted by cigarette butts.

Mozzichino can also be used as a chewinggum container, thus avoiding the abandonment in the environment of millions of pieces of this unpleasant type of waste.

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