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Basket for the collection of coffee glasses and stirrers.

No more clutter in the break area dedicated to the coffee break, with R-Cups R-Cups is a practical and durable plexiglass bin for offices and refreshment islands intended for the collection of plastic cups and coffee spoons. Designed to neatly collect and stack large quantities of plastic cups and scoops, so they take up as little space as possible. With an elegant and customizable design, it is made of easily washable materials, it should be placed next to coffee vending machines, in offices and dining areas.


Its lid with holes is designed for the orderly collection of the glasses and for the rationalization of the space inside the bin.


With R-Cups, you contribute to containing waste and reducing waste, facilitating separate collection. In addition, you can restore order around the coffee vending machines, making the coffee break more pleasant and relaxing.


R-Cups rationalizes the space allocated to used coffee cups and it also allows you to save on bags and waste emptying.


R-Cups Glass Stacker is very large. In the version with 6-hole lid it collects up to 900 glasses and up to 9.000 plastic stirrers. Instead, in the 4-hole version, it collects up to 600 cups and up to 6.000 plastic stirrers.


R-Cups Glass Stacker is made of black plexiglass and You can buy it in neutral or customized version.


Choose your favorite graphics from those available for R-Cups decoration and don’t forget to send us your company logo for the customization of the chosen design.


The cylindrical shape with lid and holes, together with the external decorations, make R-Cups a design element, a must in the relaxation area of ​​any modern office.


Have you also noticed that the baskets next to the coffee vending machines are often too small? Taking a coffee break means seeing shot glasses overflowing from waste bins. Solve the problem: R-Cups Glass Stacker immediately brings the order back to your relaxation area!


Emptying and changing the waste bag is a quick and easy operation, thanks to the removable lid. R-Cups uses standard size bags of 70×100 cm.


Ideal for relaxation areas of offices and co-working, refreshment islands, waiting rooms and for any other place equipped with a coffee vending machine.



The cardboard cup stacker is a special waste container made of recycled cardboard, which allows you to avoid the use of garbage bags thanks to an ingenious combination of design and excellent materials. But there’s more, because this container is also easy to assemble and convenient to transport.

When design meets nature

The cardboard cup stacker allows you to dispose of used cups intelligently and without wasting space, on the contrary, making the most of their capacity. In fact, in the upper part, this waste container in recycled cardboard has a lid with 15 holes whose diameter has been specifically designed to accommodate the dimensions of the most common glasses. In this way, the glasses are not thrown in bulk, but naturally end up on top of each other, taking up the entire capacity of the container with the added convenience that it will also be necessary to empty it less often than traditional models.

Made of waterproofed recycled cardboard, the cardboard cup stacker is twice as sustainable. Not only that, because its material comes entirely from the recovery of cardboard, but the waterproofing also allows you to avoid the use of plastic bags for disposing of glasses.

Two different formats for maximum comfort

The cardboard cup stacker is available with the top lid in two different sizes corresponding to the most common cup sizes. The smallest measures 38 × 38 cm for a height of 76 cm and a diameter of the holes of 6 cm. while the largest measures  42x42x76 cm. and its holes have a diameter of 7 cm. Each recycled cardboard container has a capacity ranging from 2.000 to 2.200 cups and therefore offers the additional convenience not only of having to be emptied less often than traditional containers, but also of being able to be particularly functional in the event of large events.

Endless customization possibilities

Thanks to the exclusive personalization service that iGreen makes available to its customers, it is possible not only to order the glass stacker in natural havana, but also to decorate it with graphics on request.


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