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Aluminium floor ashtray

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Smokking Circle Floor aluminium ashtray

Aluminum silver made floor ashtray for outdoor use but fits just as well indoor also because it is an object not only functional but also of furniture.

Smokking Circle Foor, shows an object with a strong visual impact and immediately identifiable by the type of service and function for which it was made.

The ashtray is provided with holes on the crankcase for eventual fixing to the ground, while, for reasons of safety, the upper part is lockable and is openable to allow the extraction of the inside basket containing the butts, which develops along the entire length of the ashtray thus ensuring a very high containment capacity for several hundred cigarette butts.

Dimensions: h cm. 90 – Cylinder diameter 8 cm

Weight Kg. 4.5

Equipment: Key lock – Anchors for floor


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