iGreen Cover® * For iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro

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 iGreen Cover® * For iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro

The First and Only iPhone Case in the World that you can Plant after Use.

Made of fully compostable material, certified, patented & 100% Made in Italy.

The material with which it is made contains seeds and, once placed on the ground, it will decompose releasing the seeds present inside. The Plantable Cover is available in 3 colors (green, blue and yellow). Each color corresponds to a different seed, blue to forget-me-nots, yellow to daisy, and green to basil.

iGreen Cover® allows you to have a unique post-consumption experience being able to literally give life to the cover once you have finished using it.

Instructions for Use:

Once the life of the cover protecting your iPhone is over, remove it and get yourself a vase.

Bury the iGreen Cover® at a 30 degree angle making sure the inside of the cover is exposed to the top.

Add water, sun and love.

Wait a few weeks and watch your Case to fluorish.

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