Totem Steel floor ashtray

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made in italy

 Totem Steel floor ashtray

A brilliant object, an ashtray in the shape and color of a big cigarette that shows a strong visual impact and immediately identifiable in relation to the function for which it was made.

Totem ashtray is designed for outdoor use, but because of its special design, it ranks equally well indoors as an object not only functional but also like furniture.

The emptying is made by removing the colored top and extracting the basket for butts placed inside.

For security reasons, the upper part is equipped with removable locking screw opening with the key supplied.

The entire structure is extremely robust and treated with powder coated weather resistant.

The base is equipped with four holes for possible fixing to the ground.

Totem can be placed on the entrance step of the shops without taking up space on public land, and is therefore exempt from all duties in this regard.

Totem is customizable via adhesive free from tax on advertising.

Dimensions and weight: Height 90 cm – Diameter cm. 10 – Weight Kg. 8,00 – Individual packing in cardboard

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Totem – Design Sergio Castelli