Totem Wall

Steel ashtray for wall/pole

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 Totem Wall – Steel ashtray /wall/pole

Totem Wall is an ashtray for urban, shopping centers, stores and public places of any kind to provide all smokers a tool collection for cigarette butts.

It is presented as an object of great visual impact with color and shape of a large cigarette, immediately identifiable in relation to the function for which it was made.

Wall totems can be placed on a wall or a pole with mounting bracket supplied.

The upper part is provided with a hole of sufficient size for the introduction of a cigarette butt, while the cylinder acts as a container for its entire length.

Emptying  takes place through the opening of the bottom turning the security lock with the key provided.

The bottom is equipped with a small hole to make drainage of rainwater if the ashtray is placed outdoors.

The structure is made of steel and treated with powder coating resistant to atmospheric agents.

Totem Wall is customizable by stickers free tax on advertising.

Dimensions and weight: Height. 60 – cm diameter. 8 – Weight Kg. 3,00 – Individual packing in cardboard

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Totem Wall – Design Sergio Castelli