Frequently asked questions


What deals with your company?

We are engaged in production and distribution of container and environmental equipment for recycling, both for use in the context of street furniture that in the enterprise. Our clients are government agencies and companies of different fields, schools and services company, beaches, campsites, hotels, villages and marinas. We also produce ecological gadgets for events, fairs and congresses and for promotional campaigns. All our products can be customized with any company logo.

What are your top products?

Our flagship product is the multipurpose container U-trash for waste collection, object made by us with a distinctive and innovative design defined as naval windsock. Follow our ashtray with Smokking brand, extremely functional and very useful, made with special design and usable in any environment whether external or internal. We also realize professional compactors for bottles and cans, tools that reduce by 80% the volume of the voids to lose. Another flagship product, is the Ovetto recycling bin, an object with an unique design with a strong visual impact, it is suitable to be placed in any places like kitchen, offices, classroom, study etc … where it’s necessary to carry out the minute collection. We also present our more important Green Gadget, the portable ashtray Mozzichino, a must-have item for all smokers, but also an excellent vehicle of ecological image in particular for public bodies, for the environmental services company and for many municipalities who have distributed, including the town of Turin, which has made 150,000 units during the Winter Olympic Games in 2006. We also distribute a wide variety of baskets, containers, ashtrays and mini ecological islands for separate collection in the context of street furniture and bathing.

How can I order your products?

You ‘can be ordered by phone, by sending an e-mail, a fax or a written order.

How are delivery of the goods?

Deliveries are made by national and International carriers.

What forms of payment?

Payment can be made by bank transfer.

What are the advantages making the collection?

“Varying makes the Difference”, apart from the pun, properly dispose of the waste helps to protect and preserve the environment in which we all live, it pollutes less and it also reduces the volume of waste going to landfill, serving to recover materials such as paper, glass, cans, and plastic which that, if collected in separate mode, can be reused in subsequent production cycles with consequent saving of energy and raw materials. It ‘also necessary to provide to compact plastic bottles and cans for instance by using our very practical compactors, very robust tools made of steel which are capable of reducing by 80% the volume of the containers, occupying therefore less space is in the storage and for transport.

What is your “School Project”?

Our idea is begin to create in children and young people through environmental awareness campaigns in schools and primary schools which will be explained, with the help of playful objects and useful to the collection, the importance and the selection/separation of small waste. An object that will be used for this purpose is the Ovetto for recycling, also combining the “Nursery Rhyme Professor Ovetto” a sympathetic professor of ecology, so playful and fun, that can be a magnet for younger pupils, starting to give them a sense of respect for the environment, learning from the early age to make the first collection, with all the benefits that will accrue to the future of new generations.