The Project



We operate in the field of environmental protection combined with communication

Our primary goal, is to give support for create ecological, unique and innovative tools for environmental communication.

We lay our foundation about a new way of conceiving the market represented by the term “Green Marketing”, which summarizes the ability of a company to modify its products and the way to do advertising, with ideas and solutions to create an image of ECO FRIENDLY company.

Our attention, is directed to a specific component of the “Green Marketing” called “Green Advertising, the functional business area that deals with communicating to the market as a company intends to do for the environment. environment.

Through our ideas and solutions we aim to:

Help directly the environment.

Create effective and innovative tools for Marketing Promotion

Propose sensitivity to environmental issues.

The synergies between Advertising, Environment and Communication (understood as the promulgation of environmental culture), are the essential core of our business, where each of the above components is supporting the other, in the single objective to create a flying utility for both.

For anyone who has a social responsibility (companies or ordinary citizens), the pursuit of ecological image to 360 ​​degrees, should be a key objective in our society today, characterized by increasingly consumption careless and harmful behaviors that affect the environment ever more with our lifestyle.

In fact we live in a “Global Village” at least from the point of view of the environment, where our bad behavior inevitably affects the reality of all; pollution from cars and heating, the endless plastic and cans and especially the companies that, in contravention of the law and the most basic rules of civilized life, pollute our rivers, our seas and the places in which we live, we don’t  want them any more.