School Project

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The environment project in schools, was created to introduce environmental education especially in primary schools. The problem of waste management has become increasingly important, as consumption growth and urbanization have increased the production of waste and reduced the uninhabited areas in which treat or to deposit the waste. The use of landfills or incinerators, are no longer sufficient to ensure a secure future environment and the lives of us all.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a big city or a small town, we all have to learn to better manage our waste, less tossing and throwing better.

The resources that we have to live are not all renewable, and it is essential to recover and recycle everything that can be reused. To get real results, however, we have to change the mentality and culture of the peoples and this is the most difficult thing to achieve.

Our idea is to begin to create in our children, future entrepreneurs, doctors, auditors, lawyers, judges, experts in communication etc … a consciousness of environmental protection. We will achieve our goal through communication campaigns in primary schools, which will be explained through the use of fun and utilitarian objects to the collection, the importance of not wasting and recycling.

An object that will be used to explain the importance of the waste is the Ovetto Bin for differentiated collection which, besides being a waste container minutes, is certainly a valuable tool for learning support, especially in view of its form that, in respect of the smallest, is likely to be an attractive and also fun to incorporate their sense of respect for the environment, so learning from an early age their first collection, with all the advantages for nature and for the future of all.