Sale General Conditions

Sale General Conditions 

The seller reserves the right to make changes to production at any time if this is necessary, without notice.

The technical data contained in the lists are indicative. We disclaim all responsibility for any inaccuracies or errors contained.


The Seller reserves the right to accept or refuse any order. The orders are taken subject to availability.


Prices are those of the price list in force at the time of delivery, excluding VAT and ex works.

Issue expenses drawn are charged to the customer.


In no case the customer may refuse to provide for delays in delivery, the terms of which are indicative only, or at least claim compensation or refund damages. The delivery will be extended due to force majeure.


Payments should be made directly to us or to our staff with delegated powers to cash in a predetermined manner.

Checks, promissory notes and assignments are accepted subject to collection and never produce novation of credit. The non-payment of even one invoice at maturity will entitle the seller to suspend any forwarding of merchandise and even to cancel any other commission that was in progress.

Public Administration & Public Bodies

For supplies in favor of government and public bodies, the order issued by the applicant, must bear the signature for acceptance of payment terms granted even by the head of the paying agent themselves.


For late payments is called the D. L. 9/10/2002 nr. 231


The goods even if sold carriage paid, always travel at risk and peril so that the buyer is responsible even in case of damage, shortages or other, every action and also claim against the carrier. Any complaints about the supplies, must be received within 8 days from receipt of goods by registered or email. Shipping claim accepted only if made to the carrier upon delivery. We do not accept returned merchandise without prior permission.Transport costs are always paid by the buyer. In the event that this company accept the replacement of defective goods, the buyer waives any claim of damages for expenses incurred.


To advertise with photos or other means the supplied goods is required prior written approval from us.


Any dispute is exclusively competent the Court of Turin. Payment by drafts or transfers or cash does not constitute waiver of such provision.