The Company


Environment and Communication

Our goal is to be in the area with an image of ECOFRIENDLY COMPANY, conceiving and carrying objects and tools closely related to ecology and environmental protection.

Years of experience in business and services communications dedicated to companies from all sectors, and the positive findings in relation to the ideas and the products that we have developed, we push more and more to develop new projects and solutions to contribute to the the preservation of the environment and the places where we live.

We manufacture and distribute Eco Design tools to meet the needs of the environment through creative and unique solutions.

The Companies and the public administrations that use of our products and of our proposals, can achieve two objectives: contribute to the environmental protection and spreading at the same time an image of its business by combining it with respect for nature and for a sustainable and ethical development

We also believe that the sense of environmental culture, must necessarily be present as a matter of education in schools and, to this end, we carried out a project particularly aimed at primary schools, apt to teach respect for the environment in which young students today will, hopefully, the environmental guardians of tomorrow.